Running for Miss Colorado USA 2020

I’ve had a lot of questions about my decision to run for Miss Colorado USA 2020 and what the process looks like, what I need to do to prepare, how it’s going, and why I decided to run in the first place, so I thought I’d address all of that in a blog post!

First and foremost, why did I decide to run?

I decided to run because I felt as though I needed a change in my life. Something exciting to look forward to, something to challenge me. As I stated in a previous blog post, I have been feeling burned out lately in many different aspects of my life, and this was something daring and something I’d really never thought of putting myself through before, so here we are! I am ready and up for the challenge and the excitement!

What am I doing to prepare?

Well, I hired a personal trainer! Physical looks are only one part of the competition and I don’t mean for that to sound as shallow as it sounds, because it isn’t. As stated on the Miss CO USA website:

Attention is focused on beauty of face, figure, physical fitness, and the confidence with which each contestant carries herself. Numerical measurements are not considered in the judging.

That being said, the tagline for this pageant is “Confidently Beautiful” and I firmly believe that’s how the women are judged. The other things I’m doing to prepare include getting my registration materials mailed in, trying on swimsuits, gowns, and heels, as well as doing a photo shoot for my official headshot in this year’s program! There is lots to do to prepare and I’ve barely scratched the surface!

What do I expect to get out of this experience?

I am hoping to come out of this experience a more confident woman. I am confident in certain things and not so confident in others, but I really want to be a confident human being all around, in all aspects of my life. I think this experience, being around other women with common goals will help with that. I am so excited to come out of this experience with new friendships as well!

My favorite part so far?

I get to run with one of my dearest friends. Someone I consider a sister. And I couldn’t be more excited for her to go on this journey, too!

That’s sort of it in a nutshell. I could go on, but I hope this answers some of the questions I’ve been receiving! I would love for anyone and everyone to come watch and support as I go on this journey! Tickets will be available to attend – I will be happy to share more information as I learn more about the day of!

Thanks again so much for everyone’s support thus far – this is something I can’t do without my tribe!

Love, love love,

xoxo, H

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