I Made a Hard Decision

I’ve decided not to pursue my Master’s degree. At least not at this time, anyway.

I hope you don’t think I simply gave up. There were a lot of factors riding on this decision and I genuinely felt like I just wasn’t in it for the right reasons. I’m not about to go $20,000 in debt without wanting to be fully immersed in my education.

Much of the reason I wanted to get my Master’s at this time was because so many people around me were getting theirs. I felt the pressure, but it stemmed from nobody but myself. I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post that I decided to take the GMAT literally two weeks before the test date and so many people spend MONTHS studying for it. So I’m not sure I was ever really prepared, mentally, to do this.

We’ll see down the road if it’s something I’d like to try to pursue again. I talked to a friend who doesn’t have his Masters and he’s loving life, doing it well and still getting new opportunities. I’m not saying that one way is definitively better than another, I’m just trying to show everyone experiences life a little differently. Opportunities present themselves to us in different ways.

This isn’t exactly something I’m overly eager to share because I’m afraid it’s going to come off as me being lazy or influence others that they shouldn’t pursue their own advanced degree, but for ME and me alone, it just isn’t the right time. If you know, undoubtedly, that you want your Masters, go for it! It will do nothing but help you! But if you don’t want yours, I don’t want you walking around thinking you’re less than anybody or that you’re worse off. Because that’s not the case. You’re not less than anyone. You will just have different opportunities. And that’s fine!

For me it came down to a commitment and willingness to do something and I decided I just wasn’t ready yet. Maybe when I’m older, but just not right now. I enjoy my off time too much, being social, furthering my career through actual work experience, etc. I know this might sound controversial, but it’s just my life and what I like to do with my time and how I envision my future.

Anyway. Short post, but I just wanted to share because, again, my blog has always been blunt and honest, so here we are!

Thanks for reading.



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