You’re a role model to someone

I’ve written about the importance of having mentors before, but have you ever considered that you might actually be a mentor for someone else?

Maybe a young relative who watches the things you do or what you say, perhaps a younger colleague who wants to follow after you, hell even maybe your social media followers!

You never know who might be watching or following along and what impact that could have on them. We constantly compare ourselves to our peers and those who have come before us, but what we often fail to consider is that someone out there is comparing themselves to us in the very same way. What if there is someone in this world who is comparing their life to yours? The things you don’t even realize you have are things that would be treasured by others.

I grew up riding with a precision mounted drill organization called Westernaires. You can join as young as 8 years old and you graduate out of the organization at ages 18 or 19. That is ten whole years of watching the older kids who have been in longer riding on the Varsity team, riding harder and riding faster in many aspects aside from actual saddle time. When I was 10 years old in the organization, I distinctly remember watching those with Varsity sweaters walk around the Jefferson County Fairgrounds with such pride. I remember wanting to be in a red, Varsity sweater of my own one day.

By the time that day finally came, I had lost sight of what my younger self had envisioned. I became a bit entitled, at times self centered, and thought that my shit didn’t stink (but then again, what 16 year old doesn’t think that way?).

One day, I came across a poem that a Varsity rider from years before had written about earning that red sweater and noticing the longing gazes of the younger riders. The importance of being a role model. The impact your actions have on younger generations. This really hit home for me because all of a sudden, the feelings of my 10 year old self came rushing back and I realized I may have not been the best role model I could be. There were young riders watching my actions who would likely take after me when they were older and I realized that I wanted to make sure I left a good impression.

My point of this example is that you are a role model to someone out there, whether you realize it or not. Your actions are always being watched and considered, whether in real life or on social media. It means something to take that consideration before you say or do or post something. How are you leaving an example for those younger than you? What will the takeaway be from your actions? What will your legacy be?

These are the things we have a social responsibility to think about. We were blessed with this life, and this life only, and we must leave this world better than when we arrived. We can achieve this by being the best role models and human beings that we are capable of being. And please believe me when I tell you that you are more capable than you might even realize.

Until next time,

xoxo, H

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