What I’ve learned from getting fit

You see fitness models and fitness influencers all over social media and many of us immediately compare ourselves to them. Upon comparison, we talk ourselves down, noting all the things we don’t have that they do. Muscles. A flat stomach. Notoriety. Perfect hair. Somehow always being able to be on a beach vacation with a detox smo

I have started and restarted my fitness journey multiple times over the last few years, but this year, I restarted and stuck to it. For the last 7 months, I have tried to watch what I’ve eaten, get to the gym at least 5 days a week, and held myself to higher standards. At first, I was motivated (or jealous) of all the people I was seeing on social media. That may have been why I started, but it should have been for myself. That’s one thing I’ve learned through my fitness journey. Get fit mmou. Not for someone else. Not because you think other people want you to look a certain way. Do it to get healthy, to feel sexy, and to get into a healthy mindset. Here are a couple of other things I’ve learned along my fitness journey:

1. What you see on social media is probably distorted

July to October 2018

Do you know the number of body editing apps out there?? We could be sitting on an airplane or on the toilet editing our bodies in photos to meet whatever ridiculous standard we think we have to fit. Full disclosure: I am guilty of this too. Not every time, but I have definitely done it before. Whether it’s an editing app, posing in a completely distorted and unnatural way to accent certain features (that booty), or flexing as hard as you can and standing up straight so your belly pooch doesn’t show, many many people on social media only show what they want to show. They only show the images they deem acceptable (or at least those they think will be the most accepted by their followers). That’s not to say there aren’t fitness influencers out there who are genuine on their social media platforms, but ya’ll – it’s impossible to compare yourself to something that literally is not true.

2. Don’t be intimidated by lifting weight

Cardio is great and all, but if you want to get toned, get strong, and build that BUTT, you’re gonna need to lift weights. Start small! I lift the same amount of weight, sometimes even greater, than many men I see in the gym and it’s all good!

Maybe you’re looking to bulk up or maybe you’re just looking to get toned. There are many reasons for lifting small or lifting heavy, but the point is to just lift! Being strong is so empowering and the fact that I can now lift a 30lb dumbbell over my head and think to myself “Hmm…this feels a little light” is AMAZING. You guys, it is an incredible feeling!

3. Also don’t be intimidated by others in the gym!

Nobody is watching you and nobody is judging you. Well. As a female, I can genuinely say that’s not always the case, but anyone watching you clearly isn’t focused on their own workout and isn’t there for the right reasons, giving you a step up on them anyway. I learned that the people I was intimidated by are there for the same reasons as I am and actually, you get to know many of them as you continually see them in the gym. There is sort of a camaraderie that comes with your fitness friends and it helps to keep each other motivated as well.

4. Find yourself a real fitness buddy

My friend Karen and I started the same body building program together and the only reason we’ve made it this far into the schedule is because of the fact that we have each other. We’ve each had days of trying to convince the other that we could skip the gym just one day and go to happy hour instead, but the other made sure we kept our promises to ourselves. Having someone to share your fitness journey with makes the reward all that much sweeter. It’s about sharing in the joy of living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals as you!


Results are not automatic. They say it takes two weeks for you to start noticing changes in yourself and that can feel like the LONGEST two weeks ever. Even after two weeks you may not start to see changes.

Everyone’s body is different! I can guarantee that with consistency, you will start to see positive changes within a month. Now imagine 6 months down the road how glad you will be that you stuck with it even if you didn’t see results as quickly as you wanted to? It’s also not about the scale. Stay away from the scale if you’re trying to build muscle! In the last 7 months, my weight has gone up because muscle weighs more than fat! If you’re trying to build muscle and get fit, but still paying attention to the scale, you’re only going to discourage yourself. Who cares if I weigh 120 or 170lbs or anywhere in between?! Could I beat you in an arm wrestle? You bet your ass!

I promise all photos in this post are not edited 😉 I run an honest blog and that means honest photos. Either way I am still so proud of my progress. What’s been your favorite part of your fitness journey? Or what’s been keeping you from starting it? I would love to be a sounding board for any of my readers. Need a workout buddy? Hit me up!

Until next time,

xoxo, H

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