A Guide to Gift Giving

We’re at that time of year when the holidays roll around and we can’t remember what day it is, then all of a sudden it’s 2019!

I have always prided myself in “winning” at gift giving; not because it’s a competition, but because I genuinely love gifting people things that they will really love. I wanted to share a couple of my habits and secrets to giving the perfect gift!

1. What is most important to your person?

Their pets? Hobbies? Family or friends? Get them something that will remind them of what they love the most. For me, that would be my animals, hands down. For instance, last year, my sister got me hand painted magnets of my dogs and cats that she commissioned from an artist on Etsy – and yes, she definitely won Christmas last year. For my birthday this year, Kyle got me two framed photos of me with Chance and Malcolm that I absolutely adore. Find what means the most to them and let that drive your ideas!

2. Don’t be afraid to get creative and personalize!

Personalization takes a gift from one level to the next. Take the magnets from the example above – magnets were a practical gift, but they weren’t just photos of cute animals; they were my animals. Something I could look at and relate to. Feel free to give someone something that is unique to them! Whether that’s a photo blanket from their travels, a monogrammed bathrobe or towels, or even a phone case with their most treasured photos in a collage!

3. Great gifts don’t have to be expensive ones

You’ve likely heard the saying quality, not quantity. This is true for gift giving as well. The more thought you put into a gift, the more likely someone will honestly cherish it. You don’t have to get someone an expensive piece of jewelry to show them how much you care. I would much rather receive customized car mats or maybe even a book to help me with something I’ve been struggling with (insert Anxiety for Dummies here!). Well thought out gifts show the recipient that you have been paying attention and that you have listened to their likes, dislikes, struggles, or successes!

4. If you don’t know what to get someone, gift cards are a great option!

I LOVE gift cards. For multiple reasons. I get to purchase my own gifts, I have an excuse to go shopping, and it shows me that the gift giver knows my favorite stores or perhaps stores I need to go to (like Home Depot as a new home owner!). It is perfectly acceptable to get gift cards, even for friends and family. If you don’t feel comfortable getting only a gift card, feel free to pair it with something small like a fuzzy pair of socks or maybe an inexpensive bottle of wine!

5. Experiences can be gifts too

This is probably my favorite gift category. I’ll give you a couple examples that I am particularly proud of. For a combination of Kyle’s birthday, Christmas, and just because, I used my tax refund last year to purchase tickets to go see Hamilton in Chicago because I knew it was on Kyle’s bucket list. That same year, and for the same combination of reasons, I bought us tickets to visit Green Bay to watch the Packers play the Lions during Monday Night Football! Now, I know those are both pricey, but as mentioned, one of them was used with my tax refund and the other was something I’d saved up for after I thought of it. I have also surprised Kyle with a hot air balloon ride as well as coordinated with his parents to come out to Colorado and surprise him with a visit! Although I offered, the latter didn’t cost me any money either – people are happy to collaborate on gifts such as surprises!I hope this is a helpful guide and gives you some ideas! I plan on winning Christmas again this year, so I’ll keep ya posted on how it turns out 😉

Happy Holidays, ya’ll!

Until next time,

xoxo, H

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