If you think your actions don’t matter, you need to read this

For whatever reason, maybe because our world is so vast, people think that they don’t matter. That their actions don’t matter. That they, as a unique individual, can’t make a difference.

Today, the day I am writing this, November 1, 2018, I attended a memorial service for the 11 victims of the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue shooting in Pittsburg.

The campus I work on hosted an event in the Emmanuel Gallery and a Rabbi, Emily, from the Temple Emmanuel, told us a story that I’ve been thinking about all day.

There was once a King of a country so small, every person in the country knew him and his family. The King’s son found a woman he wanted to marry and the King wanted to make a huge celebration out of it. His idea was to invite each person in the country to purchase a bottle of wine and pour it into a massive community wine barrel so that the day of the wedding, each person could enjoy wine comprised of contributions from every single person in the country. When the day of the wedding came, the King tapped the barrel and began to pour a glass, but the liquid that came out was clear. Turns out, the country people had the thought that “a bottle of wine is an expense to me, but nobody will notice if I pour a bottle of water into the barrel. Surely one bottle of water won’t dilute hundreds of bottles of wine.”

This story really made me think about how similar, we as human beings, probably are. If we all have the same thought of “my actions won’t affect the majority”, it will determine the outcome.

One person can make a difference. One person can stand up against hate and discrimination and make a difference. One person, combined with a country of other individuals, can stop a barrel of water from being bland and clear to being a barrel of rich, red, tasteful wine. Together is how we will change the world.

It was important to me to share this lesson with you all and to put it in terms of a digestible story. I heard this lesson in the form of this story and it stuck with me as it made such a good point. I highly encourage you to think next time you believe your actions won’t make a difference. It’s the same thing as thinking that one vote won’t matter. One person in 7 billion can’t change the world. It’s just not true.

Believe in the power of yourself as a human being and know that you are surrounded by billions of strong people who need you to encourage them to realize the power they hold to change the world.

Until next time,

xoxo, H

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