Advice for Almost 25 Year Olds Pt. III

I recently asked my social media community to give me some advice they wished they knew before they turned 25. I got so many good responses, I had to split this into THREE blog posts!

Enjoy the third and final part of this blog series!

“I would have started saving for a house a lot sooner😂 much better investment than renting” – Leah O. (it was Leah M. two weeks ago but girl got married haaaaay)

“Never settle!!! Fight for what you deserve! Love with abandon! Life is shorter than you think so never wish time away!!! Enjoy every moment. Be happy with who you are! Love you!!!” – Lynn P.

“I wish I learned more life skills, like about health insurance, 401ks, I also really wish I had known more about myself before going straight to college after high school. Travel far and travel often. But I think also that I love being over 25 and still knowing I have endless possibilities as long as I have a strong tribe of uplifting and empowering women and men surrounding and supporting me! 💪🏻✨💕” – Renee G.

“Don’t put so much stress on going to college right away – you don’t know what you want to do yet. Learn how to do your eye brows. Bangs: never again. Always own a dog. 👌” – Rachel G.

“Saving money is good! But a balance with life experience is where it’s at. I have spent a lot of money some might say I should’ve saved but I don’t regret any of the travels or friends’ weddings or other experiences, etc I’ve had. I’d rather struggle for money later than regret not living life…. although this is coming from a privileged middle class woman and I’ve been lucky to always have had a home, food, clothes. But overall I still think experiencing life > money” – Kristin N.

“24 -> 25 was the year I moved to Denver. Moving across the country was the boldest thing I have done in my life. The first 6 months were full of adventure, new relationship, career advances and personal growth. Not to lie, but the first half of 2018 (second 6 months of 25) were the hardest moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. My advice would be to be true to who you are and don’t be afraid to reach out to friends for help. Keep your mind focused on your goals and don’t give up!” – Cameron K.

“At 27 I have a great career and I’m persuing an MBA. Hard to give my recently graduated 25 y/o self advice as I wouldn’t change a thing…. But here are a few anyway – 1. Comfort. Relax and be comfortable with yourself around new friends and coworkers. 2. Patience. Your passion and interests will change as you grow up. Reflect and understand rather than react. 3. Structure. Set goals and aim a little lower. Accomplishing many small goals > failing a big one” – Jacob S.

“Agreeing with most: it’s about a balance between saving and living. Also I would say to have more confidence in yourself. Your abilities, your vision, etc. Its a good time to take stalk of everything and think about what’s going well and what you want to improve upon.” – Emma M.

“Even though I’m not 25. One of the things I still struggle with but I wish I would have learned way earlier in life, is that taking time for yourself, isn’t a selfish act but rather selfless, you can’t serve the people that you want to if you are rubbing on empty. There’s a reason when you fly they say to put your oxygen mask on first, it does no one any good if your passed out trying to help others.

One of the things that I want to accomplish by the time I’m 25 is to make sure that I have a daily routine that keeps me motivated and happy.” – Hannah M.

“I wish that I had’ve known that I didn’t know everything…And I wish that I reached out to more people for guidance and insight vs. navigating so many situations on my own.” – Rae C.

“It’s ok to be confused! 🙈” – Srilaxmi B.

“Wish I could tell my under 25 year old self that this is just the beginning. 💗” – Nicole D.

And from me…the most important thing I can say is put your mental health first. If you don’t prioritize your health, you won’t be able to give 100% in many of the things you want to do or to the people you want to love. – H

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this series! It’s been wonderful!



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