Advice for Almost 25 Year Olds Pt. I

I recently asked my social media community to give me some advice they wished they knew before they turned 25. I got so many good responses, I’m going to have to split this into THREE blog posts – which I LOVE. Thanks to all who contributed! Although this blog entry is geared for young adults, much of the advice I have read is completely applicable to adults in various stages of life. Here we go! Part 1 of 3 in a Friday blog series:

“I wish I would have learned to start loving myself, learning to let go, and understand my own flaws/mental illnesses sooner.I feel like the loving yourself of like getting through a river dam, it’s so fucking hard to start tearing that dam apart, and you may even see a little trickle of the water flowing eventually, but finally at one point you will remove something and just this whole wave of self love overcomes you and it sweeps you up in a happiness I can’t even describe. As for learning to let go, it’s more of coming to an understanding that there are always going to be bad days, and that everything is much more gray than black and white. Everybody has a perspective and your not going to be good in everyone’s eyes, and while you shouldn’t try to appease everyone you should try to be the best you, that you can be. As for mental illness I knew I had bipolar for sometime but I wasn’t able to understand it/cope and it really made for some terrible situations along the way. And now that Ive started to realize what triggers what, Ive been able to cope better and makes inevitably bumpy ride much smoother. All of it goes hand in hand, once you learn to let go of the outside negativity and grow the inside positivity life gets so much better.” – Destany B.

“I would of saved smarter and harder so I could of retired prior to 65. Don’t wait to start and don’t stop. Retirement is great so plan on doing it early.” – John M.

“1) never ever ever let the small things be bigger than they really are. I’ve wasted so much time and energy worrying about something that didn’t need to be blown up into something out of proportion 🙂 2) always see the light in every. Single. Situation. No matter what. Life is fricken tough and I hate it sometimes, but something always comes better from it. Look at yourself one year ago, and see how much has changed ❤️ imagine what can change in the next 12 months. 3) always make an effort! No matter what effort someone else might have given you… always be there because you never know what they might be going though. People might have so much going on in their life that they have to take care of themselves. So what if they don’t make an effort 100% of the time. That doesn’t mean they’re not wanting to be your friend. What if they just need you to reach out. You never know what smiles it might bring. I might have others but these are what come to mind right away 4) it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it…. you can tell someone anything in the world, it’s all a matter of how you say it! 5) the answer is always no unless you ask” – Diane M.

“-Just because you’re not married or have children by the time you’re 25, doesn’t mean it won’t happen.-Learning from your mistakes gets easier and less mistakes are made as you grow up.-Travel more! Experience different scenes and cultures; you will appreciate it as you get older.-Don’t give up because things get tough. Its shaping you into the more future adult you are becoming.-Check yourself to see if you are actually happy where you are in life; if you don’t like it or not happy, change it while you still have the chance.-Don’t focus on the negative from your past. Its done and over, learn from it, and move on.-Time flies after 25. Take advantage of the moment, do the things you always wanted to, don’t slow down; just keep up.-Stay in touch with your older family members. They might not be around for much longer.-And lastly, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses ❤” – Emily M.

“1) people will love you and people will hate you and none of it has anything to do with you .2) just because she is pretty doesn’t mean you’re not 3) don’t spend so much time trying to make others happy and forget that your feelings matter too. 4) love the shit out of yourself. Give yourself the same love that you think others deserve. 5) stand strong in your beliefs and dont let the fear of being different knock you from that stance.” – Jordan B.

“That buying a house is a lot cheaper in the long run than renting!! Plus you end up happier! Loving like you aren’t going to live tomorrow. No matter if that relationship is going to last or not. Giving your whole heart! And never holding back!” – Sonya R.

“1- Happiness is about doing what you love and giving to others. 2- Learn to be your own person before entering into a marriage so you do get lost in your partners shadow.” – Betsy K.

“That friendship is finite. It is ok to outgrow relationships with people who are no longer like minded. Even though I married young, my relationship is completely healthy and perfectly acceptable just as waiting to get married is.” – Rachael D.

“That holding on sometimes isn’t necessary. That timelines for growing up are not really a thing. That unhealthy relationships are unhealthy PERIOD and to get out! To never let my faith, my brand, what I believe in, or what I stand for shake for the opinion of someone else, no matter who that person is” – Kirsten P.

“I wish someone would have told me to: Wear sunscreen. Don’t let anyone (but especially male “anyones”) make you doubt your abilities. Become an expert at something. You are not your outer appearance. Relax, and don’t take it all so personally. I’m grateful that someone did tell me to: Take care of financial health. Buy a house as soon as possible. Be there for someone, even if it’s a stranger.” – Karen K.

“From an old fart: There is no normal life there’s just life. So get on with it the only way you know how to.” – Shayne M.

Until next time!


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