Here’s 51 facts you probably don’t care to know about me, but I have to introduce myself somehow

Hi, I’m H (or so they call me). Please appreciate my *deep, independent woman* selfie.

  1. My full name is Haleigh Brit Shipley (no, Brit is not short for something. Why do people always ask me that? Why would I nickname my middle name??)
  2. I was born August 11, 1993
  3. I’m a Denver native (shout out to those of us left!)
  4. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management with an Event Management concentration from MSU Denver
  5. I currently work at the University of Colorado Denver
  6. I’ve never been 100% certain of my career path
  7. I’m an avid animal lover
  8. I have owned everything from fish to rats to an iguana to horses
  9. I have a younger sister
  10. I have never been able to decide if blue or pink is my favorite color
  11. I have a weird obsession with the number 22 (it became a lucky number in high school after it seemed to appear everywhere – right Schultzie?)
  12. I did 13 years of gymnastics and have been riding horses for 16 years
  13. I live with my boyfriend of almost 3 years and our dog Chance, our cat Malcolm, and soon to be living with us is my 5-year-old cat, Paisley
  14. A lot people in my life call me H
  15. I tend to make great friends with my coworkers
  16. I am a 3rd degree burn survivor
  17. I am diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive Complusive Disorder (OCD), and have struggled with depression for as long as I can remember
  18. I take Zoloft (no shame!)
  19. I love to be transparent, open, and honest, regardless of how long I’ve known someone
  20. I have been to 21 states
  21. I have visited 6 countries between 2 continents and two US territories
  22. My strengths are loyalty, interpersonal communication, and self-awareness
  23. My weaknesses are managing my temperament, worrying too much, and jealousy
  24. I look more like my dad than my mom
  25. Photography has been my side hustle since 2013
  26. My celebrity crush is easily Milo Ventimiglia (AMIRITE LADIES)
  27. But if I were choosing a woman crush, it would be Jenna Dewan (is she kidding with those abs??)
  28. My favorite holiday is New Year’s Eve (besides my birthday, duh)
  29. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  30. I love sour beers and ciders and cannot stand the taste of regular beer
  31. Backstreet Boys over Nsync
  32. Coke over Pepsi
  33. Christina over Britney
  34. Instagram over Facebook
  35. Online shopping over in person
  36. I have 7 tattoos
  37. I have only 3 piercings after taking out my belly ring and having my nose ring fall out in the ocean after losing a drinking game on a catamaran
  38. My favorite sports teams are the Broncos, Rockies, and Green Bay Packers (I’ve become a fan thanks to my relationship)
  39. I hate when people ask me if I am a dog or a cat person – why can’t I be both? I feel like both describes my personality more
  40. Not a fan of heights
  41. I’m a good cook
  42. I’m not a good cleaner after cooking
  43. I’m the messy one in the relationship
  44. I’d rather be a straight shooter with people and have them treat me the same
  45. I’ve broken my right hand twice by punching things during angry moments (I strongly suggest finding a healthier outlet than the wall)
  46. I am the QUEEN of giving Christmas gifts
  47. I wish I liked to read books more
  48. Buzzfeed is my guilty pleasure
  49. I don’t have a favorite genre of music – honestly. Shuffle through my Spotify account and you’ll go from Kenny Chesney to The Little Mermaid to Blink 182 to Drake.
  50. I can understand most Spanish, but can’t really speak it back
  51. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up – and I think that’s okay!

I’m super excited to share my life with you all and I hope you enjoy and can relate to my experiences as a twenty-something millennial, no matter where you are in your path!



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